Friday, February 03, 2006

Terps Fail to Gain Any Consistancy

Maryland let another game slip by on Thursday night when the Tar Heels came to College Park and beat the Terps on their home court. The second half offense for Maryland was pathetic and Maryland's inability to play any kind of half court defense led to their demise. You can't afford to go cold on offense if your defense is giving up wide open three point shots. This has been a problem for the Terps in the past and once again this year it is a huge problem. Guys from Carolina that almost never score were knocking down wide open 3's. Who couldn't? There were shots that were so uncontested that they looked like free throws on a technical foul.

Where were the Terps on the boards? They got dominated and spanked on the boards last night and that lead to a bunch of second chance points for the Heels. If this team has any prayer of making the tournament they are going to have to step up. DJ Strawberry carried the offese in the first half and then disappeared in the second half. Nik had a terrible night. Ibeqwe looked the worst I have ever seen him and James Gist was really out of it when he went to take shots. He was throwing up terrible airballs that he would normally nail. Just a bad game all around.

The only positive that they can take from this was that they didn't turn the ball over as much as they have for the past few games. It doesn't matter though if you can't hit any shots and you lose the game.

Step it up Terps or you'll be sitting on your butts in March. Again.


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