Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Terps lose to Miami, need to pick it up against Duke

I think we are a bit spoiled by the 2001 and 2002 teams that were just amazing. These guys are an above average team with some weaknesses and no studs. They don't have that one guy that everyone raves about that will carry them on their back each game. They just don't. This team has to win the New England Patriots. As a team. They need to work together and avoid mistakes. You can't stop people from scoring when they are hitting everything in site, but you better keep pace if you want to win.

I hear people complaining about not using the press. You can't set the press when you aren't scoring. It doesn't work if you miss and the other team gets the rebound and moves the ball quickly down the court.

I don't know why every team doesn't play the zone against MD. They have had a crappy half court offense for years against the zone. They like to run and are only effective in that mode.
We'll win some games this year, but lets face it, we are not a national championship team.

Some things to look for against Duke... Better defense. For some reasone the Terps like to play harder against Duke. they had better or they will get creamed. They can beat Duke. There is question about it. The question is which team will show up? McCray better score a whole lot more than he did against Miami and they just need to play smarter. Why do they try to force the ball to people when there just isn't a lane to pass in? Ball control. That's what they need.

It's easy to see the mistakes and pass judgement from the stands, but we all need to be a little patient with these guys. I have a guy that sits in front of me at Comcast that boos every time Nik comes on the floor. That is rediculous. He may make mistakes and he not be the best player ever to put on a MD uniform, but the guy is out there busting his butt for this team and there is no way you can call him lazy.

Support your team. Good or bad.


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