Thursday, January 12, 2006

Terps Look Like A High School Team Against Duke

I have never been as disappointed in the University of Maryland Terrapins as I was watching the MD vs Duke game last night. I will give Duke credit. They played good defense and hit a bunch of 3 pointers when they were open (and sometimes when they were covered).

My problem with last night's atrocious game was the turnovers. Some were forced, but many were just horrible. People passing the ball so hard that the other guys couldn't catch it. Passing the ball so soft that it gets stolen by Duke. Dibbling the call off our own feet. The list goes on and on. The stats show 30 turnovers, but is really more like 50 when you look at how many forced shots the Terps took. There were so many shots taken that had no prayer of going in that you have to call them turnovers. Garrison, McCray, Nik, what were you guys doing? You are seniors. I can't believe how you caved under the pressure. It was sad. It was ugly. It was pitiful. If they continue to play even close to that bad they are out of the tourney again for sure. They won't even make the NIT playing like that.

Duke actually tried to let them back into the game early in the second half when they went totally cold for a long time. The problem was that MD didn't step it up.

Not even counting the crappy shots that they missed (and there were a lot), if Maryland could have scored on 30% of their posessions that ended in turnovers they would have been within a few points of Duke. Think about that. 10 of the 30 turnovers converted into 2 or 3 points a piece and you have at least 20-25 more points. You do the math. They could have won this game if the offense was even mediocre. Sad. Mark my words. Duke will not win the National Championship. Reddick and Williams are really all they have. The rest of the guys are role players at best for now. If a team with a strong front court goes after Shelden Williams and gets him in foul trouble. They become a one man show. Reddick, and as good as he is, that won't be enough against a talented and balanced team. That is how the Terps kept on beating Duke over the last few years. Get Duke's thin front court in foul trouble, then dominate the paint and the glass. Maryland couldn't complete a pass inside last night, so there was no hope of challenging Willliams in the paint.

One last comment. Why does anyone even try to hit garrison with a crisp pass in the paint. I love the guy because he's one of our boys, but he has hands of stone.

Terps better get their S__t together quick or they will be buried in the ACC.


At 6:21 AM, Blogger TipTopTommyT said...

Have we all not wondered....where's the recruiting dividends from the Final Fours and National Championship? Maryland is rarely considered among National Top 20 prospects. Something is not right. Is it Gary's screaming and ranting that narrows the recruiting field?

This is a worthy topic that I've seen scant discussion on. Seems we've recruited better players pre-Y2K and pre-Final Fours, etc. We've largely been a disappointment since 2002. Our players don't seem to have "IT". Sure, they're trying as hard as they can, no doubt. But the intangibles seem to be missing: poise, tenacity, and savvy.

Not sure how we escape the NIT this year, folks. We were highly touted pre-season because of our senior class (i.e., experience). But experience alone doesn't make a team better. Talent seems to be important, too (I'll bet you sensed the sarcasm). In fact, if we give Garrison, NCM, and McCray another 3 years of eligibility, I'd bet we still see a similar performance level.

Looking at the next two years of recruits - don't look for a change of fortune anytime soon.

At 6:22 AM, Blogger Enfogonada_Terps_Fan said...

I could not agree with you guys more. Please check out my blog for my thoughts on the DuKe win and the Terps collapse.


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