Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Terps Bounce Back

Maryland’s football team has finally gotten back on track. The recent success of the team should help build some confidence that the team needs going forward this season. The running game has looked much better the last few weeks and that has improved the passing attack as well. Danny Melendez seems to have come out of no-where to be the clutch receiver that the Maryland passing game has been missing. One of the things that really helps the Terps is that they spread the ball around quite a bit. The have been passing to Jo Jo Walker, Danny Melendez, Vernon Davis, and Derrick Fenner along with a few others. Having so many targets helps the Terps keep opposing defenses off balance and enables them to run a variety of different plays with different targets. I look forward to seeing the potential of the freshmen receivers that have been used very little so far this season, but it will probably not happen any time soon. They are not being utilized much and the way the veteran receivers are playing, there is no reason for Ralph to use them before they are ready.

After three straight wins over Wake, Forest, Virginia, and Temple, Maryland looks like the team that Ralph Freidgen wants them to be. They still have a few things to work out, but it appears that they are going to be competitive down the stretch. They have a tough road ahead and it starts next week against a Virginia Tech team that many are picking to National Championship contenders. One thing is for sure. Maryland’s defense has struggled all year when they face mobile quarterbacks, and Marcus Vick is probably the most mobile one in the country. They need a way to contain him. There is no way that they will stop him all day, because no one can. They can, however limit his ability to take over the game if they can keep him in the pocket. It will be interesting to see what the terrapins come up with. They have a week and a half to prepare for this game and it is a big one. A win on national television against a highly ranked Virginia Tech team would put Maryland back on the national radar. It is a game that they can win if they execute well and play relatively mistake free.

Congratulations to the Maryland football team for your hard work and steady improvement. Keep up the good work.


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